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A copy of the draft reply to the trademark opposition


My Trademark application status shows ‘opposed’. What does it mean?

If the status of the trademark application is marked as ‘opposed’ it means that the third party has opposed the registration of your trademark. The opposition is a detailed statement, to which a reply/counterstatement is to be filed.

What is the deadline to file the reply?

The deadline to file trademark opposition reply or Counter-statement is thirty days from the date of issuance of the report to the applicant or Sixty days of the opposition status being published online.

What is the difference between Objection and Opposition?

The main difference between Trademark Objection and Opposition is that Objection is raised at a preliminary stage of the trademark registration process. Such registration is raised by the trademarks examiner. A trademark opposition is raised by any person who has an issue with your Trademark after it has been advertised in the Trademarks Journal

What is Trademark Examination?

Trademark Examination is conducted by the trademark examiner. It is a thorough preliminary check of Trademark Application (filed in TM-A Form). An objection can be raised by the examiner during the examination process. The examination report will cite all the conflicting marks/similar mark/grounds for refusal

Who is an Examiner?

A trademark examiner includes any officer in the Trademark Registry who has been given the duty of checking and examining trademark application to check if it complies with standards and guidelines of the Trademarks Act. The Trademarks and geographical indications registry recruitment rules govern the roles and duties of the trademarks registrars and examiners.

Who issues the Examination report?

The Trademark examiners at Trademark registry issue the examination report.

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