An average small business man spend around 8 hours a month for GST Compliances. Moreover, it’s become more typical with the latest changes in GST and heavy fine for delays in submission of return.

So hire us and focus only on your business growth!

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Customized Solution

Completed end-to-end solutions for every type of business/profession. No hardware/software required.

Filed by Professional

Your return will be prepared and filed personally by our in-house experienced CA team having vast experience.​

Timely Submission

We will submit your GST returns within a period of 3 days from the date of submission of all details.

Dedicated Support

You can reach us via phone or email for any question regarding GST filing.


Share Data

Share return data with complete details of sales, purchases and etc.

Regular Reminder

We will send you regular reminders in advance and even phone call to share return data.

Other Services

No additional charges for changes in GST registration certificates and help.

All GST Returns

We will files all types of GST return applicable on you i.e GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4 etc.


How can I share data with you for preparing GST Return with you?

You can share a clear photo of all of your purchase and sale bill via WhatsApp to +91-7982231656 or send it over email to [email protected] If you are engaged in selling via an online portal such as Amazon, Flipkart, PayTm etc. then you can share the login details so we can log in into your seller account and download the relevant reports for GST filing. Also, we share the relevant videos with you so you can download the report on your own and send it over via email or WhatsApp. You can also share your software data like Tally etc or give us access to your online account software like QuickBooks, Xero etc.

What is the process of challan payment in case some GST amount is payable?

We will prepare Challan for the GST amount payable in the GST portal so you can log in into your account and pay directly to the Government. In case you don’t have internet banking or GST portal doesn’t support your bank, then we make GST payment on your behalf from our bank account once you deposit the money into our bank account. We will then share original challan receipt with you for your future reference.

What is your process for GST filing?

We make sure that the GST return is filed without any errors, so we follow the below process which makes sure that the return is submitted without any errors:-

a) You provide us with all of your sales and purchase details for preparing the return.
b) Within 3 working day, we will make a summary for you in an excel sheet which contains all the details like date, GSTIN, invoice number, gross amount, GST amount, round off, place of supply etc. along with the dashboard which shows the total GST input, total GST output and net payable.
c) We submit this GST calculation sheet to you via email or WhatsApp so you can cross check our calculation and confirm whether we have included all the sales invoice and purchase bill for that period.
d) Once you approve it, we will file the return on the GST portal.
e) After submitting the return, we will share the return acknowledgement with you for your reference.

Note: – We keep on adding each month in the same excel sheet so you can track every sales invoice along with purchase bills which has been reported in GST return and in which month. It will help you to track any purchase bill which has not been claimed earlier.

When you want me to submit the data for GST return?

Composition Scheme – The due date for filing the GSTR4 is 18th from the end of the quarter so request you to share the data on or before 12th from the end of the quarter.

Regular Scheme (Monthly GSTR3B and Quarterly GSTR1) – The due date for filing GSTR3B is 20th of each month, so we request to submit data on or before 15th of each month. We collect all the required information at the time of preparing GSTR3B, so we do not require any other data for preparing GSTR1.

Regular Scheme (Monthly GSTR3B and Monthly GSTR1) – The due date for filing GSTR1 is 11th of each month, so we request to submit data on or before 05th of each month. We collect all the required information at the time of preparing GSTR1, so we do not require any other data for preparing GSTR3B which has a due date of 20th of each month. However, if you want to submit the purchase details later on, then we request you to submit all the purchase on or before 15th of each month.

How many days do you require to process the return?

We require at least three working days to file the return from the date of receipt of all the sales and purchase details along with payment.

What is your working hours?

We are available from Monday to Saturday from 09 AM till 05 PM. We also sometimes work on Sunday and even late in the evening on the GST return due dates like 11th, 19th, 20th etc.

Do I have to make payment in advance?

Yes, you are required to pay our fee in advance.

Do I have to pay the same fee even in case of NIL return?

Yes, we charge a flat fee from our customer irrespective of the turnover or the number of transactions.

Do you offer any discount on annual pricing?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on the annual fee. Annual fee mean when you make payment for our service for an upcoming period of 12 months in a single time.

Do you provide any acknowledgement for the return filled?

Yes, we will share all the acknowledgement via email as well as WhatsApp after every return which we will file on your behalf.

Do you send us a reminder or call before the due date for sharing the return data?

Yes, we will send reminders via WhatsApp and even call us in-case you are not replying to our WhatsApp messages on a regular basis.